Unique Gifts for Puzzle Enthusiasts

by Kelly Jo Richards

We’ve all been there  gift shopping for someone who has it all. While it can be frustrating, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of your loved one! If you have a puzzle enthusiast on your shopping list, here are some of our favorite jigsaw puzzles, curated gifts, and accessories that any puzzler would be thrilled to receive. 

Puzzle Sorting Trays

Sorting trays are a must for every puzzler, especially if they puzzle in a smaller space. Our puzzle sorting trays have soft edges that allow you to piece together sections and slide them into the puzzle with ease. And as a bonus, these nesting trays come in gorgeous colors that can easily double as décor. Right now, if you add a set of puzzle sorting trays to your cart, you'll receive 20% off of your entire order!

puzzle sorting trays

Create a Custom Gift Box

We’re firm believers that puzzling is an experience! By creating a customized gift box, you have the ability to, not only select the perfect puzzle for your recipient, but add on thoughtful extras to create a gift as unique as them!

custom gift box builder

Curated Puzzle Themed Gifts

Our curated gift boxes are the ultimate way to celebrate the beautiful art of a puzzle. With boxes like Rosé Colored Glasses, Fancy Plants, and Piece Retreat, we offer fully themed gifts that puzzlers can enjoy long after the last piece is placed.

rosé and champagne themed puzzle gift box

Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles

Looking for a fun twist on the standard jigsaw puzzle? Shaped puzzles bring all the fun of a standard puzzle outside of the confines of a rectangle. Puzzle lovers will enjoy the new challenge that comes along with sorting and connecting edge pieces in all sorts of shapes. With circle, heart, and even peacock shaped puzzles, there are lots of fun options to change up the puzzling fun! 

peacock shaped puzzle

Another really fun option is a puzzle that features multiple mini puzzles in one package! Two of our faves also happen to include the quintessential party feature  snacks! A Dozen From the Oven contains 12 mini puzzles that are completed separately and can be displayed however you choose. Art of the Cheeseboard showcases a delectable charcuterie board, and includes five mini food-themed puzzles. Once completed, the mini puzzles are placed into the larger puzzle, completing the scrumptious image! These are both great options for someone who loves standard puzzles, and also enjoys trying something new!

charcuterie jigsaw puzzle

Art Cubes

Who said puzzle cubes have to come in primary colors? The Valencia Art Cube by Journey of Something provide endless fun as you twist together fun and creative patterns. Even if you’ve never figured out how to solve a cube, the beautiful complimentary colors and patterns still look lovely together!

journey of something art cubes

Jigsaw Puzzles With Unique Packaging

Sometimes we come across what seems like a standard puzzle, but the packaging is so unique it transforms the puzzling experience! WerkShoppe puzzles come in a fun tube shaped container and contain two reference posters. We also love that the artist’s bio is featured on each package, giving you the opportunity to get to know the talented people who helped create each masterpiece. 

werkshoppe strawberry fields puzzle

Inner Piece puzzles come in high quality magnetic closure boxes and contain an adorable reusable bag to store the pieces. These puzzles are amazing quality, and the leveled up plastic-free packaging heightens the puzzle experience from the moment you begin.

inner piece puzzle with pouch

Portable Puzzles

For those that live life on the go, portable puzzles are a game changer. We love a puzzle that travels well, and fortunately there are grab and go puzzles that you can bring anywhere! The 500 piece portable puzzles Waves and Mystic Mondays are each packed in a colorful pouch that can be easily be tossed in a bag and go with you anywhere. 

Ever Upward is a set of three mini puzzles, each packaged separately in a decorative tin. These 100 piece puzzles are ultra portable and make a sweet display piece when they aren’t on the road!

ever upward tin puzzle set

As you can see, there are plenty of options for puzzle-themed gifts. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box! (Horrible pun intended! 🙃) We are proud to offer all of these unique gifts, and many more, that will be adored by puzzle lover in your life. Shop our full puzzle collection here!

colorful puzzle pieces