About Us

Puzzle Weekend makes it easy to spend quality time with friends. We curate intimate experiences centered on one simple goal: to complete your favorite puzzle. We think of it like a grown-up girls' night: pick a weekend, step away from our desks, pack some tasty wines, and just be together. No expectations. No major agenda. Just a chill weekend with friends.

Our story

We’re Jenn and Kelly, sisters-in-law with a mutual love of puzzles that has brought us together over the years—so much so that our puzzle nights have evolved into coordinated puzzle weekends with friends. Now, our little puzzle-loving group books cute Airbnbs throughout our corner of the Pacific Northwest, gathering for mini puzzle-inspired girls’ weekends whenever our schedules align. With everything going on in our lives, it feels special to make time to catch up and recharge together.

Every few months, we choose a weekend and find a place that offers the musts: a cozy space, beautiful surroundings, and a puzzle table (read: XL table). We all come with something—a playlist, brunch fixings, a nice snack spread…oh, and comfy clothes only. 🙌

Doing less, together

Weekends away inspire us, but there is no wrong way to puzzle. Whether you’re shopping for puzzles à la carte, celebrating a friend with one of our curated gift boxes, or making an occasion out of it, Puzzle Weekend helps you create meaningful experiences without a ton of prep. We hope our products inspire you to find beauty in everyday moments, and maybe even text your loved ones, “wanna get together?” a little more often.

colorful puzzle pieces