Houseplant-Themed Gifts for the Green Thumb

by Jennifer Andrew

Is your holiday gift shopping list full of people with green thumbs? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Between plant puzzles, plant seeds and food, care cards, and more, our impressive line of plant-themed gifts are sure to please every houseplant lover on your list. From the horticulture expert to the cultivation novice, Puzzle Weekend will help you check every houseplant lover off your list.

houseplant themed gift box, gift for plant lovers

Our curated gift box Fancy Plants includes a stunning 1000 piece plant-themed puzzle, houseplant care cards, plant food, and an illustrated houseplants rocks glass! Our gift box items are also available a la carte. Shop all houseplant-themed products here.

solarium tropical botanicals werkshoppe puzzle

Solarium Tropical Botanicals puzzle by Werkshoppe

cloudberries houseplant themed puzzles

Courtyard & Backyard Potted Plant Jigsaw Puzzles by Cloudberries

monstera plants puzzle

Monstera Plants Puzzle by Jeneral Collective

houseplants puzzle by 1canoe2

Illustrated Houseplants Puzzle by 1canoe2

talking tables houseplant puzzle

Houseplant Puzzle by Talking Tables 

plant lady puzzle by puzz

Plant Lady 1000 Piece Puzzle by Puzz

cat plant exchange puzzle by werkshoppe

Cat Plant Exchange Puzzle by WerkShoppe. Shopping for a cat lover? Find our feline-forward gift guide here.

We hope we've made gifting a bit easier for you this season. Check out the rest of our gift guides here!

colorful puzzle pieces