Puzzle Piece Replacement

Missing pieces are a puzzlers worst nightmare! You’ve just finished your beautiful new puzzle only to discover it’s missing a piece. No worries- we’re here to help!

After you’ve checked the area around your table, your kids’ and pets’ favorite hiding places, and confirmed with the family prankster that they aren’t playing the world’s most annoying trick on you, send us an email at hello@puzzleweekend.com so we can help.* Please include your name, order number, and two photos of the puzzle- one of the entire puzzle, and a close up of the missing piece. 

*We offer missing piece replacements for Puzzle Weekend brand puzzles only. If the missing piece is from a puzzle made by one of the other fabulous brands we carry, we will help you get in touch with the brand. All piece replacements are subject to the rules of each individual puzzle brand. 

colorful puzzle pieces